Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wear shorts and a T-shirt to church?
We are a casual bunch. Please feel free to dress comfortably. Come to worship and fellowship.

Is this a formal place where I have to watch that I follow certain rules.
No, not really. We stand to sing or read scripture occasionally, but even that is optional. you can choose from worship times that are traditional with hymns and organ (8:15am) or contemporary with a band, drama and worship dance (10:45). Either way, our setting is casual.

Can I join a Bible Study or Mission Project or other event even if I’m not a regular part of 2nd Ave Church?
Absolutely! What better way to get to know us and serve God.

I don’t have a Bible or at least I don’t really know much about it. Will I be embarrassed if I come to worship?
You will be comfortable in our worship. We often have many of the Bible verses projected on a screen. You will not need to use a Bible to get real substance from our worship. You will not be embarrassed if you don’t have one.

I am not very mobile. I use a wheelchair/walker. Will I feel uncomfortable in the building?
No, we have an elevator to help you get to every level of our facility.

I have trouble hearing in large rooms or sanctuaries. Is there a sound system?
Yes, we reinforce the spoken words so they can be clearly heard. We have a hearing assistance system that can be used by anyone who wishes.

I have a baby, Is there a place I can change them? Is there a place I can sit with them if they becomes uncomfortable in the worship time?
Yes, we have a baby changing station in the restroom near our sanctuary. We also have a large nursery.

Is there a place for kids?
Kids are important to us. We have children’s Sunday School at 9:30am. We have annual events like Vacation Bible School in the summer and …  We maintain a Safe Sanctuaries policy with our paid staff and volunteers. This policy includes interviews, criminal background checks and child abuse history checks for all leaders involved in children’s ministries.

I’m not much for singing. will I be uncomfortable in the worship time?
Singing is not required. Feel free to just listen and enjoy the music.

I see you are serving communion this Sunday will I be able to receive communion even though I’m not a member of your church?
Yes, you can. At Second Avenue Church we practice an open table meaning the grace of God received through communion is available to all. First time visitors and long time church members are able to receive communion when it is offered. We typically serve communion on the first Sunday of every month.

No question is a dumb question. Please send us an email and ask. We’ll do our best to respond promptly.
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