Add a Commentary to Your Reading Plan

Use a Commentary

From  my  10/19/14 challenge to add a commentary to you scripture reading plan, Here are some recommended commentaries:

  • My favorite easy to follow commentaries are Tom Wright’s “For Everyone” set of commentaries. Wright has not published these for every Bible book yet, but if you are starting with the Gospel of John  or other New Testament book check these out:


These commentaries go chapter by chapter helping you understand context and culture and tying the passage into the greater biblical story.








This study Bible often takes about 1/2 the page to present context and culture and greater narrative so you will have a better background to the text.




 More Advanced Commentaries

If you are already a bit of a Bible scholar, two other commentaries I would recommend are New Interpreters Bible Commentary and Interpretation. Warning: these are not for beginner Bible students That said, I do believe that ALL mature Christians should get to this level of Bible study.  If you would like to borrow one of these from my library to see if you are ready to add them to yours, please do not hesitate to ask. Note also that these are considerably more expensive as they are much larger commentaries. 

New Interpreters Bible Commentary









Click here for commentaries on the Psalms

IF you are studying a particular book of the Bible and would like to have some recommendations of good commentaries to read along side your reading plan, contact me at or 814-215-0051.

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