A Call to Fasting and Prayer

Fasting is simply abstaining from something that we are used to having in our lives. We take part in fasting because it can make us very aware of our need for God. By removing something that feeds our body, mind, or spirit, we become hungry for God. This hunger then drives us to more intentional prayer.

Fasting is not always fasting from food.For some that would not be possible. You might choose to fast from TV or coffee or Facebook or some hobby that occupies a regular part of your life. The absence of just about any regular practice can help you recognize your hunger for God.

Start with a day of fasting, maybe a day a week. Use the time when you would typically eat, watch TV, whatever it is – use that freed time to pray. Call on God for a fresh out-pouring of God’s Spirit on your life, your family, our church and our neighborhood.

If the Spirit nudges you to fast for longer periods, move slowly. Go from one day to two days and just fast for two days every week or every other week before attempting three days. This will build fasting as a spiritual discipline in your life.

If you decide to fast from food for more than a day, it would be wise to study fasting and make sure you are caring for your body properly. See more regarding fasting from food at CRU’s Personal Guide to Fasting and Prayer 

What happens next?reconsecration

OXYGEN 11/12/14/ at 7pm – At our November Oxygen (congregational prayer) on 11/12/14, we will prayer-walk through our entire building every office and alcove, every closet and classroom. We will invite God’s Holy Spirit to take up full residence in our space and in our lives. We will pray against any evil that might seek to bring division and hinder ministry among us.

Prayer Vigil 11/22-11/23 – Derek Miller is recruiting 24 prayer leaders. One for each hour of the day. He will then post sign-up sheets so that you can choose an hour to be here at the church for prayer with your team and your leader – praying for God’s Spirit to Prayer Vigilcome into our lives and ministry with fresh fire.

We will close the prayer vigil with Holy Communion and the end of early worship on the 23rd and with a whole church brunch during the 9:30 hour on the 23rd.

This is a time to turn to the healing power of Jesus Christ as he has worked our salvation on the cross. As our hears are healed we then, though prayer and fasting, invite God to send us the fire of God’s Holy Spirit.

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