“Do you think you are who they say you are?”

That question is a famous line from the mouth of Judas in the rock opera, Jesus Christ – Superstar. In Superstar, Judas also asks, “Who are you? What have you sacrificed?” I don’t know how Tim Rice, the lyricist for Superstar, expected us to react to those questions. However, I think these are really important questions that every Christian should ask and have settled in their own mind.

During the weeks leading to Easter, here are the questions to be thinking about and using to search the scriptures. How would you answer those questions?

  • Who did people in Jesus’ day say he was?
  • Where they right? If not how so?
  • Who did Jesus say he was?
  • What did Jesus Sacrifice?

We’ll be working on these together in worship over the weeks leading to Easter 2015.

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